Minting TSquirrel on EVM

A guide to help you mint our NFTs on Telos EVM !

Install Metamask

First, use the INSTALL button or visit this page to install the Metamask extension or mobile application.

Then, make sure you wallet is unlocked & reload the website.

Add the network

Find the SWITCH NETWORK button, in the navigation bar or on the homepage and click it.

NFT Mint switch network

Metamask should prompt you to switch to, as well as add, the Telos Mainnet EVM Network if you don't have it.

If Metamask fails to do so, make sure to add the following custom RPC:


Chain ID : 40

Symbol : TLOS

Main Explorer :

You can also follow this video tutorial explaining how to add the Telos Mainnet EVM network to Metamask:


Once Metamask is setup and you are on the right network, a CONNECT button should appear, click on it !

NFT Mint connect

Metamask will ask for permission to connect your accounts on the TSquirrel website. Select the accounts you plan on using and click on confirm.

This should load your account next a MINT button in the navigation menu and on the homepage.

... and mint !

After making sure you go enough $TLOS in that account, all that is left is clicking that MINT button, approve the TLOS transaction in Metamask, and voilà ! You will be the proud owner of a new TSquirrel !

But wait.... How do I buy TLOS ?

You can learn more about buying TLOS on this helpful guide !

TLOS is listed on the following Centralized Exchanges:




Bitmart : TLOS/USDT

Probit Global : TLOS/USDT

TLOS is also listed on various Decentralized Exchanges:

Telos EVM : Sushiswap, Elk Finance

More about Telos EVM

Telos EVM is a ground breaking Ethereum Virtual Machine running on the decentralized & community governed Telos blockchain with 0.5s transactions, insignificant fees (to stop spammers), great energy efficiency and no possibilities of front running !

You can learn more on their website:

Telos | Telos EVM | Telos ESG