The TSQRL Token

Telos EVM Contract Address

Please stay safe and check - do not use other contracts !

Sorry ! Trading is on hold...

Since a new ERC20 token will be issued to support a Telos Native to Telos EVM bridge for TSQRL, trading on Exchanges was stopped and we have removed liquidity that was 100% provided by the T-Squirrel project.

We took a snapshot of current token holders to make sure that they are appropriately compensated with an airdrop as soon as our brand new token contract is deployed.

Please visit us via Telegram if you wish to trade your TSQRL token for TLOS or want to transfer them to native (manual bridging). We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, please bare with us as we are setting up for the great things to come soon !

The TSQRL Reward Token

NFT token, NFT coin
The Egypt Pharao TSquirrel
purchasable with our TSQRL token !

The TSQRL token is first a reward for holders of the T-Squirrel NFTs on Telos / Telos EVM !
Here are the incentives it brings:

  • Access to special NFTs
  • Access to rare series
  • Buy what you like or keep
  • Tradable (EVM only) *
  • Possibility to provide liquidity
  • Access to other specials (TBD)

Buy any of our NFTs on the AreaXNFT market, a special TSQRL section is available, you will get a MONTHLY $TSQRL airdrop just for holding them !

* TSQRL native Telos token can not (yet) be traded.

Telos EVM changes

A new Ethereum / ERC20 TSQRL Token will be introduced on Telos EVM. The first TSQRL token on EVM will be decommissioned as it did not support the future bridge between EVM and Telos Native.

A seamless transfer will be possible using the T-Swaps 3 bridge very soon!

Once this is possible, total supply will be linked between EVM and native TLOS.

TSQRL Token Telos EVM

Consideration of Total Supply

TSQRL Token Total Supply

The overall quantity has been considered thoroughly to allow further utility of TSQRL.
Please refer to the Roadmap for details.

We are in communication with the community and Telos Foundation to identify security measures for the total supply. It is within our interest to regulate the overall impact of any new token release. This is especially true for the monthly rewards given to holders.

We are considering a significant reduction of total supply based on different growth and development scenarios.


Chart for $TSQRL on Telos EVM will be available once trading is resumed.

There is no available charts for Telos Native but our mid term goal is to peg the value of both with a bridge !

We are working hard on more listings & charts !

TSQRL Token charts


Initial Token distribution was done as follows

NFT token coin crypto

As no ICO / token sale has taken place, all undistributed TSQRL are held by T-Squirrel accounts or liquidity pools.

Locking mechanisms will be implemented as soon as possible and appropriate.

100 Million


1 Million




Funding & Token Distribution

Funds will be raised by sale of our beloved TSquirrels as well as Royalties gain from the markets.

To improve market liquidity / health of pools and raise additional funds, limited sales of tokens against pools will be performed based on following rules:

  • Max. 3 trades / day for all pools
  • Max. price impact of each trade <= 1.5%

This procedure will be validated with the token holders quarterly.

Telos Native and EVM Airdrops

All airdrops will be distributed on a monthly basis.

Calculation will be based on:

  • Number of owned TSquirrel NFT´s
  • Rarity of each NFT (maximum is Legendary, custom NFTs are included)
  • Price of TSQRL

All factors are taken into close consideration. There will be a monthly re-assessment of awarded TSQRL to assure minimum impact on the community and markets.

Cross-Chain rewards will be implemented as soon as sufficient reporting tools are available for Telos EVM.

Token Burn of Reward purchases

All TSQRL floating back to the TSquirrel accounts will be burned to reduce the circulating amount of TSQRL.

This will come in effect after token pools can be connected via a bridge from Telos native to EVM.

This might be reconsidered, if Airdrop funds and Reserves reach critical levels. It is not expected to be imminent though.

Charity Fund

NFT collections

Support of charity projects will be decided on a case by case basis.

Utilization of funds will be decided by the community via Telegram and / or Twitter polls.

Telos Decide might also be used to vote for project support.

Charity NFT´s will be created by TSquirrel independently and donated to the project.

In case of NFT charity sale, all profits will be distributed to the project.

Proof of funding will be shared with the community.