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The TSquirrel Mega Mint - First Series

The TSquirrel mega-mint is here ! Grab your own unique, all-original artwork with provable ownership on the ground breaking Telos EVM with blazing speed & insignificant fees !

NFT Mint launch on Telos EVM
150 NFTs
0.08 TLOS

Funding obtained with this mega mint will go to develop the upcoming projects, featured in our detailed and up to date roadmap, like our gamification plan. It will as well help fund our on-going marketing efforts and general running costs for the project ! This is only the very start !

Follow our guide below to mint your TSquirrel and be part of that adventure :)

Latest mints

Latest mint

How to


Use the INSTALL button underneath to get MetaMask if you haven't and reload the page


Click SWITCH NETWORK, Metamask should prompt you to switch to the Telos EVM Mainnet network, if you do not have it added Metamask will ask you to add it automatically first.


Click CONNECT, this will open Metamask, asking you to connect your account(s), choose one with a sufficient TLOS balance.


Click the MINT button !

You will only be able to MINT if you have sufficient $TLOS, please follow this guide to buy some if you need!

NFT mint tutorial

Having problems ? Don't worry ! We have published a helpful tutoriaon how to mint a squirrel ! You can also contact us on Telegram anytime.

NFT wallet, view NFTs

Once you have minted your new TSquirrel you can see him, as well as all other you own, over on your very own TSquirrels page !

NFT project roadmap

Wondering what is the next ? We plan on putting those funds to good use ! You can follow our project using our blog, social channels and of course our roadmap that is updated with in-depth details as soon as we have new information or projects !

Where to trade our TSquirrels ?

Marble EOSIO Contract

The TSquirrel companions using the Marble EOSIO NFT contract are sold and tradable on AreaX the preferred Telos Native NFT marketplace

ERC721 Solidity Contract

The TSquirrel companions using the ERC721 Solidity NFT contract are sold and tradable on AreaX EVM the preferred Telos EVM NFT marketplace

ERC1155 Solidity Contract

A few TSquirrel companions using the ERC1155 Solidity NFT contract are sold and tradable on Open Sea (Polygon/MATIC)

ERC721 Solidity Contract

tofuNFT, one of the largest NFT markets now featuring our ERC721 TSquirrels !

Buying our $TSQRL tokens

Telos EVM contract address (OLD!)

Please stay safe and check - do not use other contracts !

TSQRL trading

Sorry ! Trading is on hold...

Trading on Exchanges was stopped and we have removed liquidity that was 100% provided by the T-Squirrel project.

We took a snapshot of current token holders to make sure that they are appropriately compensated.

Please visit us via Telegram for more information. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Liquidity Pools are available and filled for your convenience on those exchanges, hence this is where you can get the lowest fees for swaps.

There has been no ICO / IDO, TSquirrel NFT was entirely self-funded !

TSquirrel NFT Origin EVM

Our origin

Long ago, a gnarled oak tree grew skyward as its roots flourished among the remains of civilization. This Telos tree climbed higher heights, never stopping its expansion until the first acorn budded, grew, and plunged to the forest below.

Crack ! The acorn burst apart and two baby TSquirrels emerged, hungry for food and desperate for sturdy clothing to warm their tiny bodies. Some say you can still see the first footprints they made as they journeyed into the forest beyond.

TSquirrels soon began to outnumber the other beings in the forest. The TSquirrels found new gear and armor left behind from the old world - dazzling robes and Spartan helmets and cyborg limbs - as tribes formed around the Telos tree.

Every TSquirrel has theories over who threw the first javelin. But everyone agrees with the heretics that the immense power of the EVM Acorn, sent from above, divided the TSquirrels and plunged their world into war.

Furry hands grasp weapons as the battle begins. Which side are you on ?!

The acorn has always been a core design element of the Telos Blockchain. As a tribute, various projects decided to introduce acorns but also Squirrels in their designs and DNA.

Get your custom TSquirrel !

Please contact us on Telegram
We are happy to assist you with your individual wish!

NFT for good Tsquirrel


TSquirrel supports social initiatives of the Telos community. We are designing special Charity TSquirrel NFTs and contribute by purchasing NFTs of charity projects.

A set percentage of the TSQRL Token are reserved for support of social projects.

We are open for ideas and requests.

Corporate NFT TSquirrel


Various Telos projects have requested special T-Squirrel editions as promotion items or giveaways for their community.

We offer full service for design, minting and distribution.

Contact us for your personal T-Squirrel campaign!

Custom NFT TSquirrel


Did you ever think about getting a personal NFT / T-Squirrel companion?

We love being creative and design your personal T-Squirrel.

Get yours now !